Premium Italian aperitivo

The charm of villages, the magic of landscapes and enchanting Italian cities: Sprissetto is a journey guided by emotions, discovering places, traditional recipes and ancient legends. Our selection was created with the ‘intent to rediscover the genuine flavors of quality aperitifs following the historic liquor tradition of our lands.

Sprissetto Classico


11% Vol

The ‘unmistakable bittersweet taste and bright orange color are the result of a secret recipe unchanged over time, born in the early 1900s as a result of continuous experimentation.

Sprissetto Classico is a low-alcohol aperitif. The blend of ingredients is secret and is made from a ‘well-balanced infusion of bitter herbs, sweet orange peel, quassio tincture and gentian.

Sprissetto Bitter


22% Vol.

Its bright red color, intense aroma and distinctive bitter taste make it extremely versatile for aperitifs and ideal as a base for some of the world’s most popular cocktails.

The auburn colors of this aperitif herald the warm sensations of Mediterranean summer sunsets. Sprissetto Bitter is made from a ‘well-balanced infusion of bitter herbs, bitter orange, Roman wormwood and rhubarb. Typically to be mixed, but does not disdain the classic smooth “on the rocks”.

Sprissetto Venezia


17% Vol

Sprissetto Venezia is smooth, delicate and aromatic. A historic bitter based on an ancient recipe dating back to 1892. Following tradition, Sprissetto Venezia is now characterized by intense and varied aromas conveying the sensation of a product of great character obtained from a well-balanced infusion of bitter herbs, tangerine peel, cinchona and coriander.

Perfect to enjoy straight with ice and orange peel, or combined with a good prosecco for a superlative spritz.

The perfect harmony between the ingredients is what allows Sprissetto to produce highly prestigious liqueurs, carrying on the teachings of the masters of the past while never ceasing, at the same time, to experiment with new ways. The quality of our products does not come about by chance, but is the result of a continuous, tireless and careful search for the best raw materials on the market.

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